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What is ‘STEMsational Figures’ all about?

This web resource has been designed by students in the School of Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences at the University of Reading. Its purpose is to share the stories and accomplishments of a selection of inspiring scientists within academia or indeed an industry related to Mathematics, Meteorology or Computer Science. We hope they may serve as role models to motivate students, early career staff, school children and the general public alike to pursue their dreams and become a success. Through our work, we wish to promote diversity and provide encouragement to members of groups underrepresented in STEM subjects.

Who is a role model?

A role model is someone that serves as an example to follow, whom people may look up to and admire. On one hand, they could be someone you’ve met in real terms and personally interact with on a regular basis either through research, work or other activities. On the other hand, they may be someone you have never met – for example a public figure. Common role models for young people may include their teachers, parents and other family members or famous icons.

Why are role models important?

Role models can influence a positive development in areas such as career aspirations, educational goals and social behaviours. Positive role models often display a desirable set of values and a basic framework for achieving success which people aim to imitate. They can inspire you to be your best self and provide people with the comfort and support they require to do so, especially when faced with challenging obstacles. Being able to identify with your role model can be a real confidence boost and is linked to improved performance. It is considered to be especially beneficial to have a role model whom you know on real terms and can interact with regularly.

How can we help you?

Here, you will find examples of influential people in Mathematics, Meteorology and Computer Science. We aim to provide a diverse selection, including people from various backgrounds, with the hope that as many people as possible may find a role model they can identify with. They may serve as inspiration to you by themselves, or otherwise form the starting point of your search for your ideal role model.