Project Background

This project was initially conceived in the School of Mathematical, Physical, and Computational Sciences Equality and Diversity Committee in 2017 and run by Dr Joy Singarayer and Dr Calvin Smith.

The school consists of three departments: Meteorology, Computer Science, and Mathematics and Statistics. There is a diverse student population in SMPCS (School of Mathematical, Physical, and Computational Sciences) in terms of gender, ethnicity and other characteristics (see the figure below). We are keen to explore how we can raise attainment and career aspirations. One of the ways we are investigating this is in the development of a web resource highlighting diverse role models within subjects studied by SMPCS students. This is especially relevant here as the staff currently delivering our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are somewhat less diverse than our students.

We are hoping to incorporate further development of the webpages within our general skills curricula, to facilitate discussion of diversity and broader history of the subjects studied in SMPCS.


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