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Additional Role Models in Computer Science

The table below presents other influential figures in computer science that you may be interested in researching further.

NameOccupational fieldsMost notable achievementsUniversity of Reading module links
Charles Babbage (26/12/1791 - 18/10/1871)Mathematics, philosophy, mechanical engineeringFirst mechanical computers - difference engine and analytical engineCS1FC16 Fundamentals of computer science
George Boole (2/11/1815 - 8/12/1864)Mathematics, logic, philosophyBoolean algebraCS1FC16 Fundamentals of computer science
CS1MA16 Mathematics for computer science
Douglas Carl Engelbart (30/1/1925 - 2/7/2013)Computer-human interactionComputer mouse, development of interactive computing
John McCarthy (4/9/1927 - 24/10/2011)Cognitive science, artificial intelligenceEarly work on AI, inventing programming language LispCS1AC16 Applications of computer science
√Čva Tardos (born on 1/10/1957)Mathematics, algorithmsResearch on analysis of algorithms, network flow algorithmsCS1FC16 Fundamentals of computer science
CS2AO17 Algorithms and operating systems
Radia Perlman (born on 1/1/1951)Software design, network engineeringSpanning tree protocol, network and security protocolsCS1FC16 Fundamentals of computer science
Roberta Williams (born on 16/2/1953)Video games designPioneering work on graphic adventure games - Mystery House, Wizard and the Princess, King's Quest
Tommy Flowers (22/12/1905 - 28/10/1998)Electrical and mechanical engineeringDesigning and building Colossus - first programmable computerCS1FC16 Fundamentals of computer science
Herbert Alexander Simon (15/6/1916- 9/2/2001)Cognitive science, cognitive psychology, philosophy of scienceGeneral problem solver, work on decision making, contributions to AICS1AC16 Applications of computer science
Bjarne Stroustrup (born on 30/12/1950)Mathematics, computer scienceCreating programming language C++CS1PR16 Programming
Marian Rejewski (16/8/1905 - 13/2/1980)Mathematics, cryptographyEarly work on decrypting Enigma messages
Linus Torvalds (born 28/12/1969)Software engineeringDeveloping the Linux kernel, creating Git and SubsurfaceCS1SE16 Software engineering
Mark Zuckerberg (born on 14/5/1984)Programming, software developmentCo-founding Facebook

This list is by no means exhaustive, as there are many more role models in computer science that can be found online, should none of the ones presented suit you.